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Go Find Niches
Welcome! This site offers a new appproach for finding longtail keywords for your article or niche website - all FREE and ONLINE! There are many expensive tools available for this task, but they do not give enough consideration to keyword order and the effect that Autocompletion and Google Instant has on the way people look for information. This free tool uses the Autocompletion tool for keyword research. For more information about the tool see About. Essentially the tool displays a range of keyword phrases that are the most popular ones searched for in a particular order - and it is the order of the words which is very important. Many of the existing tools ignore the word order and how people making searches are funneled down various pathways.

Finding the Topic or Subject

The suggested approach is to find a popular topic or subject based on one to there keywords such as 'Ipod apps'. The keywords that work best for Adsense and other advertising are for goods and services that people want to buy or find out about. There are several excellents sites for exploring various options. Researching and Selecting the Longtail Keyword Options
Most people use the Google Adsense Keyword Tool. However there are major limitations with this tool which does not rerain the oder of words in the keyword phase even when the exact option is selected. However it does show how word order affects the results.

Autotool for Finding Niches provides a free online tool for longtail keyword research that focuses on word order and uses the Google Autocompletion concept to define user preferences. Simple buttons allow you to gauge the competition by seeing how many sites have worked on the SEO for the keywords by ensuring the phrase is in the Title, Url and Anchor text. This makes it easy to compare phrases and the autocompletion tool lists words and phrases by their popularity. For more information see About

Examining and comparing the Competition for the Keyword Options
The assumption that if others are deliberately targeting specific keywords as part of a campaign, they will have the keyword phrase in the Title, URL or Anchor Text referring to the page, and probably all three. The tool allows you to easily run searches to test for these options and gives the total number of research results found. You can look through the results to see how effective your competitive sites are, and check on the PR for the sites. The tool makes it easy to compare various keyword phrases. You can go back to the Autosuggestion form to examine other pathways.

Developing and optimizing your Metatags and Google Snippets A good way to optimize your snippets is to use this tool : Snippet Optimizer Tool. You can test various options and make sure that what users see in the result pages has been optimized so that you have a chance of being selected.

SEO Optimization and increasing PR through developing Backlinks
All your efforts will have little success if your page or article does not appear on the FIRST page of the results for your keyward phrase. Make sure that your exact phrase appears in the Title, URL, Anchor Text and in your Description metaTag. This will help get your page listed on the search results. Remember that: A total of 95.91% of all clicks occur on Page #1 of SERPs

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