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About Finding Profitable Niches
What are PLR (Private Label Rights)?
In simple terms Private Label Rights are products you buy or download (such as an article, e-book, software or other item) that you can put your own name on it as though you were the original author/creator of the item. You can use it anyway you like, including editing and subdividing it and combining it with other content. Most people want to get PLR articles to add content to their Website or Blog. The only restriction is that you cannot sell it in its original form. Most people buy articles because they lack the skill, knowledge or ability to write the content themselves or they simply do not have the time to do it.

What is Wrong with Traditional Sources of PLR Articles and e-books?
There are plenty of sites where you can buy or download free articles or e-books. These will be of varying quality and relevance. But the main problem is that the material is not exclusively yours. Typically it will be sold to 20 or more other people as part of a package. This means it will not be unique when you use it on your website or blog. You will have to rewrite it to make it unique! What is the point of that? Do you have the time, ability or knowledge to rewrite it? If you use it as is, Google and the other browsers will not index the page it is on or will apply a duplicate content penalty.

There must be a Better Way! There is! Top 40 PLR Articles.com
We provide articles and e-books that are Guaranteed Unique and Fresh at the time you purchase them. How can we do this? Simply by checking the article is unique using copyscape.com and duplicheck.com and other similar tool and if necessary rewriting the article before we send it to you. Our articles are more expensive than other sources which do not have this guarantee.

Also we display a large part of the article on our site so you can see it before you buy it. Most other sources do not do this and so you have to purchase the article from a title. There are obvious reasons why the material is not displayed - if you can see it you can copy it! But we have developed blocks that prevent people from copying it apart from re-typing what is displayed, AND if the text extract has been copied and used then our checks will detect it and we will rewrite it so that it is unique when we send it to you.

An Essential Disclaimer
We can only guarantee that the material you purchase from us is unique and will pass the copyscape.com and other tests when we send it to you. Things change quickly and so you should use the material quickly and post it on your site. Google will generally recognise who used it first, depending on when the page is indexed, or re-indexed. So you need to act quickly and once the page is indexed, Google will recognise it as the primary source and will penalise those that copy it and use it on their pages.